Music Education

Music education has been scientifically proven to help students improve academic skills, coordination and motor skills, communication skills, discipline and patience, and self-esteem.

We teach students of all ages, 4 and up. Numerous benefits come with musical instruction, regardless your age.

If you are an adult on the fence about whether to try music lessons, don’t hesitate to book a free trial with us.


Individualized lessons

Each person is unique, and that is a beautiful thing! Here at SOC, we believe that musical instruction should also be unique to the student. We strive for a balance of excellence, discipline, and fun.

Our private lessons are available in three different lengths: 30, 45, and 60 minutes. The lesson length needed depends upon the student, and can be determined at your trial lesson.


Last but not least; community. It is our most valuable asset at SOC. We are proud of the community we have built and are excited to watch it grow. At the end of the day, we just hope that each student that graduates from our academy uses the skills they’ve learned to make the world a better place.


In this digital age, we need as much face time and opportunity for interaction as we can get. Students learn to collaborate with their teachers to make music sound beautiful. Students improve their ability to accept constructive criticism, follow directions, communicate their needs, and work as team.

We also incorporate group classes to supplement private instruction. Please contact us for more information.

Performance Opportunities

SOC provides students with at least three recitals per year. These are held at the Arts Center, are free of charge, and all student families and close friends are welcome to attend. We usually hold a short reception afterward so that families may meet and chat.

Other performance and community outreach opportunities become available throughout the year and are announced accordingly.